Curb Roots

Curb Roots


Curb's roots in car design began in 1979 drawing body layouts, lofting curves and cutting sections through sheet metal structures.

In 1970’s England, bodies were drawn by hand; at full scale, on aluminum plates coated in white enamel with solid gold leads, hammered and sharpened to a chisled edge. The drawings were accurate, within a fraction of a millimeter.

In the early 80’s the Curb Team worked in West Germany, drawing on mylar with ink. The German toolmakers appreciated nice drawings and liked us to add a 0.25mm “luft” space between spot weld flanges for joint sealer. This was the difference between British and German body engineering, a psychological gap between perfection and failure.

By the mid 80’s, computers took over and the art of body drafting was lost forever. Curb Industries is rooted in this art form, and Curb likes to think that the craftsmanship that was developed in those early years exists today in everything they do.

100% Cotton - Made In The USA

Color: Black

Chest width:
S: 18" / 45.72 cm
M: 20" / 50.8 cm
L: 22" / 55.88 cm
XL: 24" / 60.96 cm
XXL: 26" / 66.04 cm


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